‍‍‍Putnam Clubhouse

‍‍‍Recovery Throu‍‍‍gh Work & Community

Members learn and improve vocational and social skills while working together to run all aspects of th‍‍‍e Clubhouse—everything from clerical to cooking, governance to fundraising.‍‍‍

Ho‍‍‍w We Do I‍‍‍t

More than 10,000 residents are hospitalized for a severe mental illness in Contra Costa County each year. Adults recovering from mental illness yearn to participate in society in meaningful and productive ways. That's why The Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc. started Putnam Clubhouse in 2008.‍‍‍

Why We Do It

Laying the groundwork for life beyond mental illness

Putnam Clubhouse provides a safe and welcoming place where participants (called members, no‍‍‍t patients or clients or consumers) build on personal strengths instead of focusing on illness.‍‍‍

What We Do

The Clubhouse is a special place that helps adults in Contra Costa County coping with mental illness regain their lives. Free of charge to program participants, we offer a network of support—including access to employment, education, healthcare, social services, and friendship—in a structured, welcoming environment that leaves the stigma of mental illness behind.

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3024 Willow Pass Road Suite 230

Concord, CA 94519


Putnam Clubhouse is operated by The Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc. and is affiliated with the Clubhouse International.

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‍‍‍Putnam Clubhouse is the home for the #LetsDanceForMen‍‍‍tal‍‍‍Health initiative!

Learn more on how to participate and let's get to dancing!

Created for the community

Take a guided virtual tour of the Clubhouse presented by the Clu‍‍‍bhouse members.

Career Corner and Reality Recovery are produced by Putnam Clubhouse in collaboration with the Office for Consumer Empowerment at Contra Costa Mental Health. The projects are funded by t‍‍‍he ‍‍‍Mental Health Services Act in partnership with Contra Costa Mental Health.






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Our members’ ‍‍‍experiences

Listen to what members have to say about their Clubhouse experiences.

Career Corner

Reality Recovery

Career Corner Blog focuses on vocational rehabilitation for mental health consumers in Contra Costa County.

The educational and inspirational video series Reality Recovery demonstrates the reality of mental health recovery in Contra Costa County through a combination of interviews, visits to local agencie‍‍‍s, tools,‍‍‍ stigma busters, and cooking segments.

Download: Putnam Clubhouse Annual Report 2016.pdf

Download: Paula Boyd's Holiday Letter 2017.pdf