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Thanks to funding by the Mental Health Service Act in partnership with Contra Costa Mental Health, Putnam Clubhouse has the multimedia Unit tools needed to produce the Clubhouse newsletter, update and develop content for the website, create promotional and educational videos, produce a popular news show by members for members, make cooking shows and much more. The Clubhouse’s state-of-the art Multimedia Lab is complete with a studio quality video camera, a hand held high definition video camera, a Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) for still photography, Apple computers specifically built to serve as editing machines, the latest version Final Cut Studio (a professional audio and video production suite, and all the necessary accessories (lighting, mics, etc.). The members in this unit learn everything from story research, scriptwriting, camera work, sound, developing an onscreen presence, and more. The Multimedia Lab is also open and staffed on Tuesday afternoons for personal projects and so that members can hone their new media skills.

In addition, Putnam Clubhouse Multimedia in collaboration with The Office for Consumer Empowerment, Contra Costa Mental Health produced the educational and inspirational video series Reality Recovery. The series demonstrates the reality of mental health recovery in Contra Costa County through a combination of interviews, visits to local agencies, in-depth recovery stories, tools, stigma busters, and cooking segments. Each program runs approximately 30 minutes and can be viewed here.

Reality Recovery is funded by the Mental Health Services Act in partnership with Contra Costa Mental Health.

The Clubhouse Effect

Watch members and their families talk about the impact Clubhouse programs are having on their lives in the “Clubhouse Effect,” a 15-minute video produced byPutnam Clubhouse’s Multimedia Unit.

"I Won't Give Up" - Music Video

Watch another great example of the multimedia department's work with the "I Won't Give Up" music video.

Cooking With Hospitality

Our in-house cooking show with our own in-house chefs! Join the hospitality team and venture into some yummy foods!