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9 AM – 9:30 AM: Welcome to the Reimagining Mental health Care Conference hosted by Putnam Clubhouse  


Moderator: Dr. Chris Celio, Psy.D,

Director of Clinical Programs, The Hume Center

OPENING SESSION9:30am-10am: This Bipolar Life                                                                            


10am-11am: Urgent and Necessary: A Look at Mental Health through

a Public Health Lens

Ashwin Vasan MD, Ph.D., President and CEO, Fountain House, NY


11am-12pm:  The Power of Community                                                             Thomas R. lnsel, M.D. Special Advisor to California Governor Gavin Newsom and Chair of the Board of the Steinberg Institute in Sacramento, Co-Founder of Nest Health.


12pm-12:30pm: The Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health Care                           Sandy Young, LMFT, Admissions Manager,  John Muir Behavioral Health Center

Ashwin Vasan, M.D., PhD, is the recently-appointed President and CEO of Fountain House, an internationally recognized non-profit that addresses the devastating impact of mental illness and social isolation through a pioneering community-based social therapeutic and social services model, and that has inspired the creation of hundreds of similar programs in 34 countries that serve more than 100,000 people annually.

Thomas R. lnsel, M.D., a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, has been a national leader in mental health research, policy, and technology.  From 2002-2015, Dr. Insel served as Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). More recently (2015 – 2017), he led the Mental Health Team at Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) in South San Francisco, CA. In 2017 he co-founded Mindstrong Health, a Silicon Valley start-up building tools for people with serious mental illness.  In 2020, he co-founded NEST Health, a therapeutic online community for recovery.   Since May of 2019, he has been a special advisor to California Governor Gavin Newsom and Chair of the Board of the Steinberg Institute in Sacramento, California. Dr. Insel is a member of the National Academy of Medicine and has received numerous national and international awards including honorary degrees in the U.S. and Europe.

Lara Gregario LCSW, Co-Founder and CEO of Nest Health

With 20+ years in the behavioral health space, in settings ranging from inpatient to community mental health and private practice, Lara has a commitment to empowering consumers, scaling compassion, and providing care when, how, and where it is needed. Innovating and designing programs in the digital mental health space since 2013, she has built telehealth programs and designed online therapy and mental health community platforms. In 2020, she co-founded Nest Health to provide an online space to combat loneliness and provide a path to emotional growth and health.


1pm-2pm:  Mental Health Spirituality                                                                           Patty Blum, Executive Vice President Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc.

Sandy Young, LMFT is the Admissions Manager at John Muir Health Behavioral Health Center and has worked in mental health for over 20 years. She started her career in elementary and middle schools providing individual therapy, group counseling and parent education classes. She also worked as a Social Worker at a Level 14 crisis residential for Contra Costa County youth. In addition, she worked several years as an Inpatient Psychiatric Case Manager for Kaiser Permanente, providing case management to Kaiser members at Adventist Health Vallejo, Fremont Hospital and other inpatient, residential and outpatient programs.

Patricia Blum, Executive Vice President at Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. is a leader for the California Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative, has over 36 years’ experience in mental health services, and has family members with lived experience.  She has presented at the World Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation; USPRA; IAPSRS; CASRA; Alternatives; NYAPRS and CIBHS.

SESSION NINE3pm-3:30pm:  Community Behavioral Health Training Center

SESSION TEN3 pm-4pm: Housing That Heals: A Search for a Place Like Home for                                       Families Like Ours                                

Meji Singh M.D., Founder, The Hume Center              

Teresa Pasquini, Contra Costa County Mental Health Commission, 2009-2015, Co-Founder Mental Illness   FACTS-Family and Consumer True Stories                                                                                    

SESSION ELEVEN3:30pm-4pm: Voting Rights and Access                                                      

SESSION TWELVE4pm-4:45pm: "Say his name Miles Hall!" Fighting for a Non-Police Response                             for those Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis.                  

Gigi R. Crowder, L.E.Executive Director and FaithNet Coordinator for NAMI Contra Costa
















Gigi R. Crowder, L. E. a native of Oakland, CA. is the mother of 2 biological children; 26 years old twin boys and has served as a foster mom and mentor to many more through divine interventions. Gigi served for over 9 years as the Ethnic Services Manager for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and has worked in the Behavioral Health Care field for more than 26 years after completing her studies at the University of California, Berkeley. As a family member of several loved ones who have received private and public mental health services she is a strong advocate for promoting culturally responsive behavioral health services for all consumers and family members.  

Gigi is the Executive Director and FaithNet Coordinator for NAMI Contra Costa. She also Chairs the California Mental Health and Spirituality Initiative. Gigi is the Co-Founder of Mental Health Friendly Communities a faith-based, community defined, mental health education and stigma reduction curriculum. She advocates for all to receive more honoring and culturally responsive mental health services by utilizing natural resources such as those found in their respective faith/spiritual communities. Gigi also works hard to promote the use of community defined strategies for all unserved, underserved and inappropriately served ethnic and cultural communities. She has a drive to improve outcomes for “At Promise” African American males and those who live with severe and persistent mental health challenges in Contra Costa County.  

One of the highlights of her career is being inducted in the Alameda County Women Hall of Fame for her work in developing programs to enhance employment opportunities for individuals with psychiatric challenges, receiving the 2013 MHAAC Mental Health Achievement Award and most recently receiving the 2016 Multi-Cultural Outreach Award from NAMI California.  


Taun Hall, Co-founder and CEO of the Miles Hall Foundation


Taun Hall is the loving mother of Miles Hall who was a talented 23 years old African-American male, when he was shot and killed by Walnut Creek Police on June 2, 2019 while experiencing a mental health crisis. Miles tragic death has galvanized a community and Taun works tirelessly on moving from pain to purpose as she and a diverse group of supporters work to improve the mental health system.

The Miles Hall Foundation is committed to creating a positive change for families impacted by mental illness.  They advocate for a non police response to supporting individuals seeking mental health support while in distress.

Lauren Rettagliatta, Interfaith Peace Project, Past Chair, Mental Health Commission, NAMI Contra Costa

Teresa Pasquini advocates for reforming and improving the nation’s mental health system. As a family member of a son and brother living with serious mental illness, her 45-year personal experience drives her passion. As a nine-year member of the Contra Costa County Mental Health Commission, she was an outspoken champion for all. Ms. Pasquini is a founding member of the Behavioral Healthcare Partnership at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, a safety-net hospital.

Ms. Pasquini is a cofounder of Mental Illness FACTS/Right 2 Treatment, a grassroots campaign focused on quality standards and equity in care for serious mental illnesses. She’s provided testimony in multiple forums including the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, the National Quality Forum, and an event on Capitol Hill advocating for The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. The Bay Area Newsgroup recognized Pasquini for her local mental health advocacy during 2017’s Women’s History Month.

Most recently, Pasquini released a White Paper, https://hth.ttinet.com/Housing_That_Heals_2020.pdf, with another mom, Lauren Rettagliata. Their paper is a “call to action” for a “ health care system that includes a tiered array of Housing That Heals as part of a full continuum of psychiatric care…”

lauren r

Lauren is the mom of four sons, the oldest has Autism, the youngest has Schizophrenia.  In the 1970’s she lived in Texas and worked with a group referred to as the “mad mommies”. This group help formulate the federal legislation that became Public Law 94-142 which guaranteed a free appropriate public education to each child with a disability. This law had a dramatic, positive impact on millions of children with disabilities in every state and each local community across the country. Lauren has supplied testimony before the U.S. Congress and the Texas State Legislature.

Lauren moved to Colorado in the 1990’s; she had the opportunity to put the skills learned in Texas to work restoring the YWCA’s Women & Children’s Crisis Shelter. She was honored as Pueblo’s Woman of the Year and also by the Governor for her work in providing shelter and care to those who were seeking a safe haven from domestic violence.

The family returned home to California. Her youngest son was in need of treatment and care for a serious mental illness. Lauren sought help through NAMI.  This led to her becoming involved with the Mental Health Commission. Lauren chaired both the Commission and the Finance Committee of the Commission during her five years on the Commission. It is here she met Teresa.  With Teresa she continues on her mission to provide Housing That Heals.

Natasha Molony Ph.D, Director of Training, Hume Center

Meji Singh
Natasha Molony
Martha 2

Dr. R.K. Janmeja (Meji) Singh is a pioneer in the field of Community Behavioral Health as the founder of the Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center and recently establishing the Community Behavioral Health Training Center. Trained by Gerald Caplan, Meji has made it his life's work to transform the use of consultation to help organizations and providers better understand the needs of those they serve and to streamline their processes/services. His lens on Prevention and Early Intervention offers unique insights into how we can use a Public Health Approach within the scope of Behavioral Health services. His colleague, Dr. Natasha Molony, will be utilizing an interview format to encourage Meji to discuss his lifelong journey with Mental Health Consultation which has culminated in the Community Behavioral Health Training Center (at The Hume Center). One of Meji's quotes about modern mental health treatment is: "If you're only treating symptoms, you're chasing shadows." In this discussion he will describe how to go beneath the shadows to understand the human being and their suffering.

Natasha Molony, Ph.D., is the Director of Training and Director of Prevention for The Hume Center Dr. Molony has had oversight over the professional training for over 200 graduate students in the field of Community Behavioral Health as she collaborates with over 20 Clinical Supervisors in providing quality training across 12 clinical programs.  She has trained over 60 graduate students in the practice of Community Behavioral Health at school based settings and outpatient clinics to adults, children, youth and families. She has provided Behavioral Health Training and Consultation services to School District Directors, teaching faculty and counselors at school districts that focus on promoting healthy school communities which includes social-emotional development with academic learning for students. Dr. Molony is honored to have received the Meji Singh Award for Excellence in 2011 for her leadership as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Molony earned her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University with an emphasis in Child and Family Services.

SESSION THREE 12:30pm-1pm: Post-COVID:  "Youth Wellness, Mental Health Care Delivery   and More: A Discussion with Dr. Stuart Buttlaire”.

Stuart Buttlaire, Ph.D., Regional Director of Behavioral Health; Regional Chair, Integrated Urgent Services Kaiser Permanente

SESSION SIX                                                                              2pm-2:30pm: Nurse Practitioners, Telehealth, and the Future of Mental                                 Health Care

Amanda Ling, PMHNP-BC, UCSF School of Nursing, Assistant Clinical Professor


1pm-2:30pm: Clubhouses and the pandemic: Creating new opportunities                              for inclusion and recovery.

Chair: Joel D.Corcoran, Chief Executive Officer, Clubhouse International

Dave MacDonald, Janine Lockhart, Mike Tibbles, Pathways Clubhouse, British Columbia, Canada.

Paul Hennekes, William McKeever, Academy at Glengary, Sarasota, Florida











2:30pm-3:30pm: Raising our Voices Together to Make Change!

Stephen Boyd, Community Support Worker II, WREACH Lead Facilitator, Office for Consumer Empowerment, Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services Lived Experience Performance                                    

Stephen Boyd grew up in Southern California and now resides in Pleasant Hill. In 2009, Stephen became a member of the Putnam Clubhouse which began his journey to becoming a peer support specialist. He attended Contra Costa College where he studied and, after graduating from the SPIRIT program, received his certification as a peer support specialist . Stephen works for the county at the Office for Consumer Empowerment as a community support worker and is the WREACH Lead Facilitator. Stephen is an amazing artist, drummer, and rap artist! You can see and purchase his works of art at: http://ancientworldsartistry7.net/

Paige Taylor, Putnam Clubhouse member, Young Adult Lead Reimagining Mental Health Care for the LGBTQ Community
Paige Taylor has been a member of the Putnam Clubhouse since November 2018 and has been essential in being a lead member in the Hospitality Unit as well as the Young Adult program. She pioneered Putnam Clubhouse’s first LGBTQ+ Group. Since attending the clubhouse, Paige has found courage in being herself for the first time. Having come out as transgender in March of this year, Paige feels as though she has developed a sense of purpose and a reason to pursue life as she sees fit. When she is not volunteering at the Putnam Clubhouse, she enjoys working on her truck, playing with her dog Riley, and advocating for the transgender community.
Cindy Mataraso, Psy.D., Director of Operations Crestwood Behavioral Health Inc.
Shawn Gilbert, League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley
Mary Schreiber, League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley

SESSION THIRTEEN4:45pm-5:30pm: A Growing and Thriving Clubhouse Community During a                                    Pandemic Shelter-in-place

Yan Bennis, Director of Programs, Putnam Clubhouse
Kofi and Abena Dodi, Parents of Clubhouse member, Joe Dodi
Joe Dodi, Putnam Clubhouse member, Hospitality Unit
Haley Thomas, Young Adult Coordinator, Virtual Clubhouse Coordinator
Marissa O’Neill, Wellness Coordinator, Virtual Clubhouse Coordinator

So, Do You Think You Can Dance? Reach For The Stars Member Montage

John Coombs, Putnam Clubhouse member lead, DREEAM Unit

Call to Action

Tamara Hunter, Executive Director, Putnam Clubhouse, The Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc.
Paula Boyd, Putnam Clubhouse board of director, and member lead, DREEAM Unit
The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. The League never endorses or opposes candidates or political parties. We influence public policy through education and advocacy. We invite men and women to join us!
Chiquita S. Williams, Educational Consultant & Trainer, Fountain House NY Member Chiquita Williams is a Fountain House member, peer mental health practitioner and educational consultant. As a both a trauma survivor and an advocate, she uses her personal story to link mental health to broader social justice concerns.  In addition, Chiquita leads various educational initiatives across the United States.  In her spare time, she loves to cook, make art and watch baseball.                                      

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paige picture
Amanda Ling is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF School of Nursing. She is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and course director of the PMHNP specialty program's first year clinical practicum. Her research focuses on nurse practitioner training and assessment over the medium of telehealth as well as integrated behavioral and primary health care. As a provider, Amanda works in a San Francisco safety net clinic and consults for their population-based care program and residential substance use treatment center.


2:30pm-3pm: County Behavioral Health Services Redesign

Suzanne Tavano, PHN, Ph.D. Behavioral Health Director Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services 


Stuart Buttlaire, Ph.D., is regional director of inpatient psychiatry and continuing care for Northern California Kaiser Permanente, the lead mental health representative within Kaiser’s State Program Initiatives, and the designated resource management director for behavioral health. He is also the Permanente Medical Group lead in the design and development for the new inpatient psychiatric hospital in Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center, set to open in 2010. Prior to coming to Kaiser in 1987, Dr. Buttlaire was chief of acute and subacute services for Marin County Mental Health. He has more than 30 years of clinical and management experience, providing leadership and direction in health care delivery in both the public and private sectors.
Dr. Suzanne Tavano holds a license as a Registered Nurse, and licensure as a Clinical Psychologist, with a Masters and Doctoral degrees in Psychology. She has worked in leadership positions in public and private behavioral health systems in the areas of mental health and substance use, provided clinical and administrative supervision in outpatient and hospital settings. She has developed forensic behavioral health programs for adults incarcerated in jails and youth detained in juvenile halls. During her tenure of 18 years with Contra Costa Health Services she held the positions of Mental Health Quality improvement Coordinator, Chief of Clinical Operations, Mental Health Deputy Director and Acting Mental Health Director.
Paul Hennekes   Academy at Glengary
William McKeever   Academy at Glengary
Community and relationships are the essence of the Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Despite the devastating global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Clubhouse International and its federation of Clubhouses quickly pivoted to create vibrant virtual communities to support their members. Clubhouses around the world are in various stages of virtual, hybrid, and fully reopened Clubhouses. In this presentation, Clubhouse International will share some of the innovative ways Clubhouses have implemented virtual and hybrid approaches to maintaining the fundamental values and principles of our model, while at the same time creating new ways toprovide a wide range of member opportunities in a digital world. Pathways Clubhouse in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and The Academy at Glengary in Sarasota, Florida have both been on the cutting edge of reducing the digital divide, blending virtual and onsite program activities in a seamless fashion. Come and join us in an exciting, innovative session and listen to leaders helping us move forward with new opportunities!
Greg Parnell, ALWF, Health and Wellness Facilitator, Zumba® Instructor                                                     Living my 25th year in Recovery and my 20th year working for Crestwood Behavioral Health as I started August 26th, 2000. Starting in housekeeping I was unsure It was right for me, but the connection I had with the people we serve was so strong I kept moving on. I was later promoted and put into many supportive, inspiring roles. At Crestwood I am currently a Health & Wellness Facilitator, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator and Zumba Instructor.  Mentoring 50 plus employee Zumba Instructors and Co-Facilitating W.R.A.P Training's for the O.W.L. Project
Gabe Howard was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after being committed to a psychiatric hospital in 2003. Now in recovery,Gabe is a prominent mental health activist. In addition to hosting Not Crazy, he is the host of the award-winning Psych Central Podcast. He’s also the author of Mental Illness is an Asshole and Other Observations, and is an award-winning writer and speaker who travels nationally. Gabe is proud to be a 2017 Everyday Hero, an honor given to him in a proclamation by Governor John Kasich of Ohio.  Gabe makes his home in Central Ohio with his wife, Kendall, and a mini-schnauzerhe never wanted, but now can't live without.  Learn more at gabehoward.com.
Gabe Howard, Bipolar Speaker & WriterHost: Not Crazy & The Psych Central Podcast, Author, Mental Illness is an Asshole
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Dr. Celio, who started working in the mental health field in 2001 and originally trained to be a Child Psychologist, found his calling when he joined The Hume Center as a Pre-Doctoral Intern in 2007. While this shifted his focus to serving adults diagnosed with serious mental illness, he brought with him an emphasis on the family and other systems that the consumer is a part of and a creative spirit that believes that healing and recovery can come through many surprising and outside-of-the-box pathways, beliefs, and persons.

Dr. Vasan holds a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology from Harvard, his MD from the University of Michigan, and his PhD in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and in mainstream media outlets including Huffington Post and The Marshall Project.